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ベガ・シシリア ウニコ2007 750ml

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2007 Vega Sicilia Unico
Vega Sicilia
A Proprietary Blend Dry Red Table wine from
Spain, Ribera Del Duero, Castilla Leon, Spain #221(Oct 20159
Reviewer: Luis Gutierrez
Rating: 95points ←いつも素晴らしい評価です
Drink: 2015 - 2025 ←飲み頃を迎えております
Current (Release) Cost: ($400)
They have kept 2005 and 2006 for now, and they are releasing the 2007 Unico from a lighter vintage that is accessible already; they will even sell 2008 before 2005 and 2006. 2007 was a cold vintage in Ribera and it produced lighter, fresher wines (perhaps not as problematic as 2008, but there was also frost in 2007). The wine might be a tad lighter than other vintages, but it's more structured than 2008; it combines elegance and power, is nicely balanced and should be able to develop in bottle for many years, although the quick evolution of the bottle once opened made me hesitate about its drinking window. Let's hope I'm wrong. 80,000 bottles produced.
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ウニコ2004 ベガ・シシリア 750ml

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2004 Vega Sicilia Unico
Vega Sicilia visit the producer
A Proprietary Blend Dry Red Table wine from
Spain, Castilla Leon, Spain

Wine Advocate #214(Aug 2014)
Reviewer: Luis Gutierrez
Rating: 97points
Drink: 2016 - 2029
Current (Release) Cost: $241-$500 (400)
Moving on to the big guns, the 2004 Unico is truly spectacular, in line with the 1970 and 1994. It’s a blend of 87% Tempranillo and 13% Cabernet Sauvignon. Unico has a unique long aging, in the case of the 2004, 15 months in 20,000-liter vats, 25 month in new barrels, 17 months in used barrels and a further 26 months in the big oak vats. It has complex notes of tobacco, cedar wood and blackberries, and shows very good balance between power and elegance as well as perfect ripeness. It has a similar profile to the 1994, but there’s ten years difference in experience and technical knowledge. There is nuance; there is detail, filigree, balance, harmony and complexity. There is a fine texture. In short, it is a great, world-class wine, a superb vintage for Unico. 87,500 bottles, 2,229 magnums, 150 double magnums and 5 Imperials were filled with this extraordinary wine. This is approachable now, but it’s a shame to drink so soon. It will age for a very long tim
e, as it has the balance and harmony to do so, and it will develop more complexity with time. Drink 2016-2029. But if the single harvest Unico is fantastic, the multi-vintage blend could be even better as it also plays with the benefit of extra aging time.
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ウニコ1989 ベガ・シシリア 750ml

価格 税抜き価格 \33,572 
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Review by Robert Parker
Wine Advocate #145 (Feb 2003)
Rating: 94 points
Drink 2006-2033
Estimated Cost: $260.00
The renowned Unico (produced from 80-100 year old vines) is one of the world's most distinctive, singular wines. Always released late, it is incredibly fresh, and capable of 2-3 more decades of evolution. The sensational 1989 Unico Reserva boasts a dark ruby/purple color as well as a sweet, fragrant bouquet of plums, black currants, vanilla, caramel, and chocolate. It possesses tremendous density, an opulent, textured, full-bodied palate, great purity, and moderate tannin in the 60+ second finish. It needs another 3-4 years of cellaring, and should keep for 25-30 years.
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ウニコ1998 ベガ・シシリア 750ml

価格 税抜き価格 \38,572 
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1998 Vega Sicilia Unico
Vega Sicilia visit the producer
A Proprietary Blend Dry Red Table wine from
Castilla Leon, Spain

Wine Advocate #175(Feb 2008)
Reviewer: Jay Miller
Rating: 98point
Drink: 2013 - 2040
Current (Release) Cost: $269-$800 (380)
The 1998 Unico is purple-colored with a complex bouquet of wood smoke, violets, Asian spices, mineral, blueberry, and assorted black fruits. This is followed by a full-bodied, dense, loaded wine with gobs of sweet fruit, great concentration, and layers of flavor. It will continue to evolve for another 5-7 years and drink well through 2040+.
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ウニコ・レゼルヴ・イスペシャルNV(90/94/96) 750ml

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NV Vega Sicilia Unico Reserva Especial
Vega Sicilia visit the producer
A Proprietary Blend Dry Red Table wine from
Castilla Leon, Spain

Wine Advocate #183(Jun 2009)
Reviewer: Jay Miller
Rating: 98point
Drink: 2009 - 2034
Current (Release) Cost: $420 (420)
The 2009 release of the Non-Vintage Unico Reserva Especial is a blend of the 1990, 1994, and 1996 vintages. Dark ruby in color, it delivers a super-fragrant aromatic array of cigar box, leather, mineral, truffle, incense, and blackberry. On the palate it is mouth filling, complex, and remarkably light on its feet for such a concentrated, powerful effort. Opulent, rich, and perfectly balanced, it will drink well for at least another 25 years.
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ベガ・シシリア・エスペシャルNV 750ml

価格 税抜き価格 \39,286
在庫 完売御礼
Review by Robert Parker
Wine Advocate #145 (Feb 2003)
Rating: 96 points
Drink 2003-2023
Estimated Cost: $300.00
The incredible non-vintage Reserva Especial Lot 020 (47 barrels, or approximately 1,100 cases) is a multi-vintage blend (in this case, 1985, 1986, and 1990) that is stunningly perfumed and truly majestic, the likes of which are found nowhere else on earth. Notes of graphite, smoke, coconut, cherry liqueur, creme de cassis, spice box, licorice, and caramel emerge from the sweet, staggeringly complex perfume. There is fabulous concentration, no hard edges, an opulent, full-bodied palate, and a finish that lasts for 65+ seconds. This is awesome stuff! Anticipated maturity: now-2023.