Antonio Ferrari




まずは濃厚なエキス分が体の神経をくすぐる。 乾燥させたフルーツの香りは信じられないほどフレッシュさを感じます。黒さくらんぼジャム、くるみの外皮、チョコレート、東洋のスパイス、タバコ、コーヒー、蜂蜜などの香り。色はインクのように黒っぽい。何処から来るのかと思う、しっかりとした骨組みからは想像できないエレガントさも具えていて、余韻は終わりを知らないほど長い。


☆ガンベロロッソ ヴィーニ・ディタリア2001年版 2ビッキエリ
☆イ・ヴィーニ・ディ・ディタリア2003年版 3ツ星(94点)
☆ワイナート誌 20号 96点
コード 21629

ソラリア・イオニカ 1959 カンティーナ・アントニオ・フェラーリ 500ml

価格  税抜き価格 \18,000 
在庫  5本
Review by Daniel Thomases
Wine Advocate #154 (Aug 2004)
Rating: 97 points
Estimated Cost: $150.00

No, the vintage date of this wine is not an error. Just released, it is a selection of old-vine Primitivo grown south of Taranto and only now hitting the market. No one seems to know whether the fermentation was stopped by fortifying the wine or if it just stopped on its own as a result of the superlative richness of the must, but the fact remains that, with close to 14% of alcohol, it is as sweet as a grecioto, a wine which it greatly resembles. Still an amazingly fresh ruby color, it features a decadent nose of blackberry jam, raisins, chocolate, and licorice, a texture of sheer satin, great warmth and roundness, a sweetness which never becomes cloying, precise and focused flavors, and a finish as long as the fade-out to “Hey Jude”. The producer is negotiating with an importer for this and other wines, but it is presently available at Piero Selvaggio’s Valentino restaurant in Santa Monica and at Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV restaurant in Monte Carlo, for those willing to fling a few shekels around.
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