Domaine De L'arlot

 ロマネ・サン・ヴィヴァン グラン・クリュ
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ラルロー ロマネ・サン・ヴィヴァン2015 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \61,000 
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 今回は正規輸入品です! 下記のようにアドヴォケイト誌で素晴らしい評価が出ております。 アラン・メドー氏も93-95p ステファン・タンザー氏も94-97pを採点しています。 とにかく誰が評価しても素晴らしいワインということです。 
2015 Domaine de l'Arlot Romanee Saint-Vivant Grand Cru
Reviewed by Neal Martin
Issue Date 31st Dec 2016
Source 228, The Wine Advocate
Rating 95 - 97point ←素晴らしい評価です
Release Price NA
Drink Date 2022 - 2050 ←飲み頃は5年程先からです
The 2015 Romanee-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru also includes 100% whole bunch fruit. I left this 4-5 minutes to really open up. The whole bunch works very well because you cannot detect the stem addition. It is very precise with crystalline red cherry, wild strawberry and limestone, gaining intensity with practically every swirl of the glass. The palate is medium-bodied with a keen line of acidity, fresh and vibrant with a touch of spice towards the finish. It is an understated and linear Romanee-Saint-Vivant, very sophisticated and deserving of several years in bottle. Sublime.
Wine Advocate #199(Feb 2012)
Reviewer Antonio Galloni
Rating (94-96)
Maturity Drink: 2022 - 2035
Current (Release) Cost $561
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■ラルロ ロマネ・サン・ヴィヴァン2010セット 
ロマネ・サン・ヴィヴァン2010 ラルロ  1本
ニュイ・サン・ジョルジュ1erCruクロ・デフォレ・サン・ジョルジュ2010 ラルロー  1本
ニュイ・サン・ジョルジュ・プティ・ラルロ2010 ラルロ  1本
価格  税抜き価格 \53,100 
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The 2010 Romanee St. Vivant is a hard wine to fully evaluate at this stage. It was the last wine to finish its malolactic fermentation and is therefore developing at a slower pace than the other wines in the lineup. Currently it is the wine’s intensity, energy and drive that come through loud and clear. Given the exceptional level of the estate’s 2010s, there is every reason to be optimistic about the Richebourg. I look forward to re-tasting this wine in a few months, at which time my rating may need to be revised upward. Anticipated maturity: 2022-2035.
Review by Antonio Gallon
Wine Advocate #194 (May 2011)
Rating: 93 points
Drink 2018-2033
Estimated Cost: $275
コード 17334

ロマネ・サン・ヴィヴァン2008 ラルロ 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \39,990 
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2008 Domaine de l'Arlot Romanee St Vivant
Domaine de l'Arlot
A Pinot Noir Dry Red Table wine from
Romanee St Vivant, Vosne Romanee, Cote de Nuits, Burgundy, France

The 2008 Romanee St. Vivant shows the essence of crushed flowers, dark cherries, spices and licorice with a crystalline purity that is admirable. The tannins are refined and beautifully integrated. This should be fabulous in another few years. Anticipated maturity: 2018-2033.
コード 22027

ロマネ・サン・ヴィヴァン2006 ラルロ 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \45,800 
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2006 Domaine de l'Arlot Romanee St Vivant
Domaine de l'Arlot
A Pinot Noir Dry Red Table wine from
Romanee St Vivant, Vosne Romanee, Cote de Nuits, Burgundy, France

Review by David Schildknecht
Wine Advocate #186 (Dec 2009)
Rating: 93 points ←素晴らしい評価です
Drink N/A
Estimated Cost: $250
Smoky black tea, cumin, and star anise in the nose of the l'Arlot 2006 Romanee Saint-Vivant ally themselves to lightly-cooked cherry and plum on an expansive, soothingly creamily-texture palate. Smoked meat and inner-mouth floral perfume are prominent here, too, and it is hard to know whether to praise this year's Suchots all the more for rising to grand cru pretensions, or to ask whether this Romanee Saint-Vivant should not ? as befits its classification ? already be distancing itself more obviously from the wine of its neighboring vineyard. There seems though to be even more subtlety here; and there is without question a sense of lift and overall elegance to the finish that the Suchots cannot match. This should reward following for a dozen or more years, and its full mysteries will no doubt take a few years to unfold, but still I doubt you will disappointed to savor it nearer-term.
 * ラルロ最上位の畑:ロマネ・サン・ヴィヴァンが入荷!
コード 12075

ロマネ・サン・ヴィヴァン2001年 750ml ドメーヌ・ド・ラルロ

価格  税抜き価格 \16,980
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コメント パーカー★★★★生産者の最上位の畑です。1991年から造り始めております。今回は1本だけの入荷です
グラン・クリュ ロマネ・サン・ヴィヴァン
1級畑 ヴォーヌ・ロマネ1erCruレ・スショ
ニュイ・サン・ジョルジュ1erCruクロ・ド・ラルロ 赤
ニュイ・サン・ジョルジュ1erCruクロ・ド・ラルロ 白
村名 ニュイ・サン・ジョルジュ・キュヴェ・ル・プティ・アルロ
AC コート・ド・ニュイ・ヴィラージュ・クロ・デュ・シャポー
その他 ヴィエイユ・フィーヌ・ド・ブルゴーニュ