Chateau Calon-Segur
シャトー カロン=セギュール

★★★ 第3級格付け ハートマークがトレードマークです。当店でも、恋人へのプレゼントに多くお買い求め頂いております。品質においても向上著しく、ロバート・パーカー氏のも異例の高い評価をしております。相変わらずパーカー氏は、濃い濃いワインがお好きなようですね
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2014年 平成26年
コード 22959

CH.カロン・セギュール2015 サン=テステフ 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \14,700 
在庫  12本 
2015 Calon-Segur
Reviewed by Neal Martin
Issue Date 28th Apr 2016
Source 224, The Wine Advocate
Rating 91 - 93points ←素晴らしい評価です
Release Price NA
Drink Date 2022 - 2040 ←飲み頃は、ちょっと先ですね
he 2015 Calon Segur is a blend of 82% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot and 2% Petit Verdot (no Cabernet Franc in the Grand Vin this year). It was picked from 8 September until 5 October at a yield of 47 hl/ha and is matured in 100% new oak for the next 20 months. The Cabernet Sauvignon dominates the aromatics with blackberry, cedar and graphite aromas: quite linear, nicely focused and reserved compared to the 2014 last year. The palate is understated on the entry, the tannin very fine and the acidity very well judged. Like the nose, the Cabernet drives this wine forward: structured and a little "brittle" in the mouth, perhaps the most Pauillac-like Calon-Segur that I have encountered over many years of tasting. Afford this several years in bottle.
コード 21952

CH.カロン・セギュール2014 サン=テステフ 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \13,900
在庫  12本
2014 Calon Segur
Calon Segur visit the producer
A Bordeaux Blend Dry Red Table wine from
France, St Estephe, Bordeaux, France #218(Apr 2015)
Reviewer: Neal Martin
Rating: 91-93points ←素晴らしい評価です
Drink: 2020 - 2040 ←飲み頃は少し先です
Current (Release) Cost: $62-$120
The Chateau Calon-Segur 2014 is a blend of 66% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Cabernet Franc, 19% Merlot and 2% Petit Verdot cropped at 41hl/ha and aged in 100% new oak for what is intended to be 20 months. The alcohol comes in at 13.8%, which would have been higher if more Merlot had been retained. The first impression is one of the oak because coming straight after the Montrose '14 (elevage in 60% new oak) the wood element is more pronounced here. It is relatively opulent and high-toned compared to its Saint Estephe counterparts, developing floral scents with time but never quite extricating itself from the winemaking. The palate is medium-bodied with quite firm tannin that lend this more chewiness than either Montrose or Cos d'Estournel. There is a lot of backbone to this wine, well focused with a good line of acidity, but again, I believe a more moderate use of new oak would have allowed the terroir to be expressed in what is a terroir-driven vintage. It is an impressive, you co
uld almo
st say ambitious Calon Segur, though I am seeking more personality via the terroir to be articulated. Tasted three times with consistent notes.
 2013年 平成25年
コード 21064

CH.カロン・セギュール2013 サン=テステフ 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \12,300 
在庫  10本
2013 Calon Segur
Calon Segur visit the producer
A Bordeaux Blend Dry Red Table wine from
France, St Estephe, Bordeaux, France

Wine Advocate #214(Aug 2014)
Reviewer: Robert M. Parker, Jr.
Rating: 92-94points
Drink: N/A
Current (Release) Cost: $56-$98
The 2013 Calon Segur is unquestionably one of the stars of the vintage. The harvest ran from early October for the Merlot grape and to the second full week of October for the Cabernet Sauvignon. I don’t recall (although I’d have to go through all my notes for the last 3-4 years) a Calon Segur with this high a percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon, as Merlot has always been a prominent player in the final blend. It is opaque purple in color with a glorious nose of incense, creme de cassis, licorice and a touch of graphite. The wine is full-bodied, opulent, fleshy and surprisingly deep and dense, especially for a wine from this vintage. It is almost atypically thick and rich for a 2013. Nevertheless, the tannins are soft and the wine should be relatively approachable after 2-3 years bottle age. This is a property on the move, upward. Smart and shrewd readers will take a look at this vintage, as well as future vintages of Calon Segur, a terroir with true first-growth po
 2012年 平成24年 
コード 20219

CH.カロン・セギュール2012 サン=テステフ 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \10,900 
在庫  6本
2012 Calon Segur
A Bordeaux Blend Dry Red Table wine from
France, St Estephe, Bordeaux, France

Wine Advocate #206(Apr 2013)
Reviewer: Robert M. Parker, Jr.
Rating: 90-92points
Drink: 2017 - 2037
Current (Release) Cost: $58-$120
The 2012 reveals an opaque ruby/purple color along with sweet tannins, low acidity, medium to full body, and abundant cedary, foresty notes intermixed with black cherries, black currants, caramel and spice box. This medium to full-bodied St.-Estephe should drink well in 4-5 years (atypical for a Calon Segur), and last for two decades.
2011年 平成23年 
コード 19275

CH.カロン・セギュール2011 サン=テステフ 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \10,185 
在庫  完売御礼
2011 Calon Segur
A Bordeaux Blend Dry Red Table wine from
St Estephe, Bordeaux, France

Wine Advocate #200(Apr 2012)
Reviewer: Robert Parker
Rating: 92-94point ←素晴らしい評価です
Drink: 2012 - 2037 ←なんと飲み頃に入っております
Current (Release) Cost: $57-$107
The great Madame Denise Gasqueton, a Bordeaux icon whom I always visited early in the morning (8:15 a.m. for nearly 20 consecutive years), passed away on the first day of the 2011 harvest. The 2011 Calon-Segur is a fitting tribute to her extraordinary passion and love for this fabulous estate in the northern sector of St.-Estephe. A very strong effort (this property was untouched by the hail storm that swept through the area on September 1), it boasts an opaque purple color as well as surprisingly sweet tannin and abundant quantities of black cherry, black currant and dusty, loamy scents. Medium to full-bodied with beautifully integrated tannins and sensational purity and length, this super effort is a wonderful homage to the memory of Madame Gasqueton. Moreover, it is potentially one of the longest-lived wines of the vintage and should drink well for 25 or more years
2010年 平成22年
Review by Robert Parker
Wine Advocate #205 (Feb 2013)
Rating: 94+ points
Drink 2013-2063
Current Cost $75-$142
コード 18442

CH.カロン・セギュール2010 サン=テステフ 750ml

価格 税抜き価格 \11,600
在庫  完売御礼