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シャトー フィジャック

コード 22105

CH.フィジャック2013 サン=テミリオン 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \11,500 
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2013 Figeac
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A Bordeaux Blend Dry Red Table wine from
France, St Emilion, Bordeaux, France #226(Aug 2016)
Reviewer: Neal Martin
Rating: 91points ←素晴らしい評価です
Drink: 2018 - 2032 ←来年から飲み頃に入ります
Current (Release) Cost: $73-$151
Tasted at the property, the 2013 Figeac was the first vintage that saw Michel Rolland assist with the blending. It has a very respectable bouquet for the vintage. Serve this blind and see if your guest would suggest it was from this derided vintage. The nose is delineated and fresh with blackberry, wild strawberry and minty scents emanating from the Cabernet component. The palate is well balanced with crisp tannin, well balanced with good substance for a 2013. What I appreciate here is that it maintains the style of Figeac: structured with just a touch of austerity, backed up by a crisp line of acidity and a cedar-tinged finish. If you are intending to purchase a 2013 Right Bank, then I would park you car here. Tasted June 2016.
Review by Robert Parker
Wine Advocate #164 (Apr 2006)
Rating: 88 points
Drink 2006-2018
Estimated Cost: $79-$116
コード 16298

CH.フィジャック2003 サン=テミリオン 750ml(K-004)

価格 税抜き価格\10,258
在庫  完売御礼
コード 10417

CH.フィジャック2003 サン=テミリオン 750ml

価格 税抜き価格 \15,600
在庫  完売御礼
Review by Robert Parker
Wine Advocate #115 (Feb 1998)
Rating: 89 points
Drink 1998-2010
Estimated Cost: $50.00