シャトー カントメルル 

コード 20951

CH.カントメルル2012 オー・メドック 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \4,300 
在庫  14本 ⇒ 完売御礼 #218(Apr 2015)
Reviewer: Robert M. Parker, Jr.
Rating: 88points
Drink: 2015 - 2027
Current (Release) Cost: $21-$56
With a dense, ruby/purple color, low acidity, ripe tannin and well above-average depth, this is really an elegant, cleanly made, pure style of wine, with floral notes, mixed with blueberry and black cherry. It’s medium bodied, with light tannin and is best drunk over the next 10-12 years.
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CH.カントメルル2011 オー・メドック 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \4,200 
在庫  完売御礼
Wine Advocate #212(Apr 2014)
Reviewer: Robert M. Parker, Jr.
Rating: 91points
Drink: 2014 - 2029
Current (Release) Cost: $24-$56 (42)
An elegant, successful 2011, Cantemerle has produced a finesse-styled wine with a dense ruby/purple color as well as copious notes of flowers, mulberries, raspberries and blueberries. With dramatic quality and purity, this medium-bodied effort possesses sweet tannins and a texture that builds incrementally. A lighter-styled, but beautifully crafted, well done 2011, it can be enjoyed over the next 10-15 years.
Review by Robert Parker
Wine Advocate # 205(Feb 2013)
Rating: 94+ points
Drink 2020-2050
Current (Release) Cost $38-$80(30)
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CH.カントメルル2010 オー・メドック 750ml

価格  税抜き価格 \5,000 
在庫  完売御礼
The wine needs a good 7-10 years of cellaring and should keep for 30 more years, but this is the finest Cantemerle I have encountered in my professional career of tasting young vintages (dating back 34 years now). Stunningly deep ruby/purple, with a beautiful nose of spring flowers intermixed with perfumed raspberry and blueberry notes, it exhibits a sort of cool-climate character. Broad, rich and intense on the palate, the wine has plenty of tannins, but they are sweet and well-integrated. Everything is delicately entwined into this beautiful, medium to full-bodied, dense purple wine, which shows stunning character and a prodigious potential for development. This is definitely a major sleeper of the vintage and even better than I thought from barrel.
Review by Robert Parker
Wine Advocate # 188(Apr 2010)
Rating: 92-94 points
Drink 2010-2040
Current (Release) Cost $31-$55
コード 17485

CH.カントメルル2009 750ml(AN-38)

価格 税抜き価格 \5,000 
在庫  完売御礼
この価格で、こんなに高い評価を受けているのですから記念ヴィンテージとしてキープして下さいませ。 このカントメルルは、例年でも非常に安定していて美味しいオー・メドックを代表するシャトーです。 お薦め致します
コード 19613

CH.カントメルル1991 オー・メドック 750ml

価格 税抜き価格 \7,600
在庫  1本
Wine Advocate #91(Feb 1994)
Reviewer: Robert Parker
Rating: 76points
Drink: N/A
Current (Release) Cost: $15 (15)
Cantemerle's innocuous 1991 is disappointingly weedy, light-bodied, and short in the finish. It exhibits some soft fruit flavors, but lacks substance.
コード 10226

CH.カントメルル1988 750ml

価格 税抜き価格 \9,000 
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コード 19614

CH.カントメルル1984 オー・メドック 750ml

価格 税抜き価格 \9,980
在庫  6本
Bordeaux Book, 3rd Edition(Jan 1998)
Reviewer: Robert Parker
Rating: 79points
Drink: 1989 - 1989
The 1984 is a success for the vintage. It is a fruity, medium-bodied, gracefully assembled wine that should now be consumed. Anticipated maturity: Now. Last tasted, 3/89.
コード 12316

● CH.カントメルル1964 750ml

価格 税抜き価格 \15,715
在庫  2本 
40年前のボルドーは、★★★★のGoodヴィンテージです。カントメルルは、★★の評価が出ております。香りは華やかだが、64年にしては痩せているとの評価ですね。40歳の記念に如何でしょうか 状態は非常に良いです